Neutral Cleaner Super Concentrate (No. 340)


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A highly effective, low foaming all-purpose cleaner for high polish floors where the use of harsh detergents could cause degradation of floor finish. It easily removes oils, hydrocarbons, greases & heavy soiling from floors, walls & other hard surfaces & is ideal to use before burnishing.

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Unit Price: 2 x 1 Quart, $45.90 per Quart
Condition: New
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Country of Origin: USA
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Icon: U.S. EPA - Design for the Environment Seal: Kosher Seal: PETA cruelty free Seal: member of the U.S. Green Building Control

✔ Neutral pH cleaner safe on all washable surfaces
✔ For use in auto scrubbers, mop buckets and spray applications
✔ Superior cleaning performance proven by independent laboratory tests
✔ No rinsing required-does not leave film or haze
✔ Higher concentrations reduce use cost and save storage space
✔ Recognized by the DfE/EPA

Header: Green Concepts-340: Neutral Cleaner Super Concentrate
For use on 
Stone, Concrete, Resilient Tile, Vinyl, Terrazzo, Quarry Or Ceramic Tile, Plastic, Rubber, Stainless Steel, Painted Or Sealed Surfaces- any washable surface.Product Applications:
Green Concepts Neutral Cleaner is a highly effective and low foaming neutral cleaner/ degreaser that may be used for daily cleaning. Ideal for autoscrubbers, but use with virtually any cleaning equipment.

Suggested Dilution Ratios in Cold Water

Dilution instruction: Mops - Light soil: 1:2048 x 1 - 4 gal; Normal soil: 1:1024 x 2 - 4 gal; Heavy soil: 1:682 x 3 - 4 gal. Auto Scrubber- In tank: 1:2560 x 1 5 gal.


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