Floor Finish Remover Super Concentrate (No. 349)


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When used as directed, this product is a high performance, ultra low odor, non-toxic, noncorrosive, butyl free, ammonia free wax and finish remover. It has been specially designed to remove environmentally preferable floor finishes like any of the Green Concepts® Family of Floor Finishes.

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Unit Price: 2 x 1 Quart Case, $21.90 per Quart
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Country of Origin: USA
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Icon: U.S. EPA - Design for the Environment Icon: Green Seal WPC Seal: Kosher Seal: PETA cruelty free Seal: member of the U.S. Green Building Control

Fast Acting, Low Odor Floor Finish Remover

✔ Super Concentrated “Green” High performance, Rapid Response, Floor Finish Remover
✔ Formulated as an Environmentally Preferable Floor Finish Remover
✔ Effective finish removal of acrylic floor finish, green or non-green, yet safe on flooring
✔ For use on: Vinyl, concrete, ceramic tile, stone, and terrazzo floors.
✔ Low odor, non toxic, non corrosive, butyl free, ammonia free
✔ Superior performance proven by Independent Lab Testing
✔ Formulated to work with all current commercial floor finish removal equipment.
✔ Recognized by the DfE/EPA and GREEN SEAL

Green Concepts-349: Floor Finish Remover Super Concentrate
For use on 
Acrylic floor finish applied to resilient, concrete, ceramic tile, stone, and terrazzo floors.

Product Applications:
This product is a super-concentrated rapid response stripper that dissolves multiple coats of finish without the strong and unpleasant odor associated with conventional strippers. This product rinses quickly without leaving residual alkali to interfere with finish application. Ideal for autoscrubbers, single disk machines or other stripping equipment.

Suggested Dilution Ratios in Cold Water

Dilution instruction:  Mops & Power Equipment - Light Build Up: 1:16 32oz - 4 gal. Moderate Build Up: 1:12 32oz - 3 gal. Heavy Build Up: 1:8 32oz - 2 gal.


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