Floor Finish, Metal Free, RTU (No. 42)


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For sealing and finishing all types of resilient flooring. It contains NO zinc, phthalates or alkyl phenol ethoxylates to harm the environment or interfere with industrial wastewater treatment processes. This state of the art finish has exceptional gloss, durability, soil resistance, detergent resistance, recoatability, removability.

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Traditional Metal-Free Floor Finish 20% Nonvolatile Solids

✔ High gloss upon application with excellent durability
✔ Great response to burnishing with or without restorer
✔ Compatible as a top coat on any existing acrylic finish
✔ Levels nicely and can be applied with current or traditional application procedures
✔ Safer for the user and the environment
✔ Meets OSHA slip co-efficient requirements
✔ Certified as safer by 2 major certifiers

Green Concepts-42: Floor Finish Metal-free, RTU
For use on:
all resilient flooring, including vinyl, VCT and linoleum. This product can also be used as a top coat on sealed concrete and terrazzo. Do not use on natural stone or ceramic flooring.

Product Applications:
Green Concepts Floor Finish Metal Free is a conventional finish that can be used with virtually all floor care procedures.



Milky white liquid


Freeze/thaw 3 cycles


90 days @ 120ºF

VOC Content (% max.)

Less than 1.0%

Shelf Life

Over 2 years

60° Specular Gloss 5 coats on black vinyl


Powdering ASTM D 2048


Recoatability ASTM D 3153 


Rubber Heel Mark Resistance ASTM D 3714


Water Spot Resistance ASTM D 1793 


Detergent Resistance ASTM D 3207


Removability ASTM D 1792


Slip Index ASTM D 2047


Sward Rocker Hardness ASTM D 2134


Freeze/Thaw Stability ASTM D 3209

Unchanged after 3 cycles

Nonvolatile Content ASTM D 2834

20% Min.



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