2’n 1 Conditioner Super Concentrate (No. 348)


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Green Concepts 2’n1 Conditioner’s micro emulsion technology allows one product cleaning and restoring. Use like a neutral cleaner. Buff immediately after the floor dries.

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Unit Price: 2 x 1 Quart, $39.95 per Quart
Condition: New
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Country of Origin: USA
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Seal: Kosher Seal: PETA cruelty free Seal: member of the U.S. Green Building Control

✔ Super Concentrated “Green” Formulation with for Cleaning and Conditioning Finished Floors
✔ Micro Emulsion Technology prepares acrylic finish for superior burnishing with less drag
✔ One product for cleaning, conditioning and restoring finished floors
✔ Low foaming for use with auto scrubber or mop bucket
✔ Compatible with any floor care program or product
✔ No harmful VOCs
✔ 2’n1 efficiency; saves time and product usage

Header: Green Concepts-348: 2' n 1 Conditioner Super Concentrate
Product Applications:
Green Concepts 2’n1 Conditioner enhances the buffing process of any high speed buffer. Use it with cord electric buffers, battery powered buffers and propane buffers. Green Concepts 2’n1 Conditioner reduces drag, powdering, and hazing with any high speed finish. Green Concepts 2’n1 Conditioner can be used with any flooring/floor finish/buffer combination.

Suggested Dilution Ratios in Cold Water

Dilution instruction: Mops - Light soil: 1:2048 x 1 - 4 gal; Normal soil: 1:1024 x 2 - 4 gal; Heavy soil: 1:682 x 3 - 4 gal. Auto Scrubber- In tank: 1:2560 x 1 5 gal.


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