18 inch Scrubber Pad – Rectangular – Piped – Velcro® Style


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No drag when damp or wet.
Provides optimum scrub power for grooves and irregular surfaces and the microfiber portion is very absorbent.
Vertical stripes run in the same direction as grout lines.
High quality, pre-shrunk polyester piping eliminates fraying.
High quality loop backing.
Highly recommended for industrial & commercial use.

Approx. 18″ x 5″


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    Dimension: 18 in
    Condition: New
    Composition: 95% Split Microfiber (80/20), 5% Nylon Bristles
    Country of Origin: China
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    18.5″ x 5.25″ Pad

    For use on stone, concrete, tile, faux tile, grout, and textured hard surfaces. DO NOT USE on soft surfaces such as wood and vinyl as the bristles may scratch.

    The nylon scrubber bristles are slightly longer than microfiber, providing optimum scrub power for grooves and irregular surfaces while the microfiber portion has great pick-up and is very absorbent.
    High quality, pre-shrunk polyester loop backing is optimally sized (denier of the loops) for matching up with our Velcro® style hooks on the hardware for superior attachability and durability. This loop backing is designed to withstand higher temperatures used in industrial & commercial laundering.

    Use with 16 inch rectangular or trapezoid frames. Pads fit on hardware with excess overlap of pad at each end providing cushioning to protect baseboards and furniture legs.

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